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Comprehensive patient service: video medical consultations and chat, home-based testing, and test analysis supported by AI.

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How it works

Better test results in three easy steps

Diagnosis and recommended treatment verified by Artificial Intelligence.

Instant referral

Doctors quickly create lists of tests and send patients full details, including payment links.

Collect samples at home at the lab

Patient can choose where to have their blood drawn, or make an appointment for a home visit.

Analyze test results with the help of AI

Doctors receive test results and AI-powered analyses, then consult patients via chat or video.

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Closer look

Better results, with less time and cost

Intuitive dashboard puts patient data, test analyses, and financial info at your fingertips

Tools for better patient care

  • Video consultation with patients to discuss lab test results
  • Contextualized reports of laboratory tests, enhanced with AI
  • Analysis of test results and recommendations of treatment strategies
  • Chat directly with patients after receiving test results

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View test results conveniently and analyze them with help from AI

Our systems deliver the power of Artificial Intelligence where it does the most good

Physicians supported by the latest technology

Doctors receive test results enhanced with Get Lab Test’s AI-powered contextual data, allowing quicker, more accurate diagnosis.

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Discuss lab results via video or chat

Efficient high quality encrypted connections

Useful tools in one place

Custom notes, patient recommendations, file sharing and access to test results and historical data.

All this and much more, helping you deliver quicker, more accurate diagnoses.

A host of benefits for doctors and patients

Each test analyzed as if a dozen doctors were reviewing it.


  • Time savings
  • Instant payment of accrued funds
  • Faster and more efficient patient service
  • Access to the patient database
  • Diagnoses and recommendations for further treatment generated by AI


  • Easy access to personalized diagnostics
  • Patient account with full test results
  • Time and cost savings
  • Stress reduction
  • Access to services from the comfort of home

Complete Security for Medical Information

Data security and reliable diagnosis are our top priorities

Safe, reliable, affordable

In Compliance With

GetLabTest solutions are adapted to the requirements of medical systems used around the world

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